A blythe Yule tae awbody!

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A Blythe Yule tae awyese fae aw o us here at Gamerstorm!

A wee update on projects gaun on, Hypnofire 3D is in development an is mair productive nor iver! A canna be fasht tae gie mair detail, an micht be ower complex for some fowk readin this. (Thon's whit wir Development Blog is for!)

Awtho A'm gaun'ae tak a "haitus" (Inglis term meanin a wee break, canna think o a Scots equivalent) until Januar, or whaniver A feel like warkin on stuff again, whitever comes suiner!

Sae ay, hae a Blythe Yule, a Braw Hanukkah, a Braw Kwanzaa! ...Whit else is thare... hae a Braw Festivus (3 days hyne)... ?

Oniewey, A'll see yese in Januar, mibbie suiner!