A few chynges hiv been mad tae Gamerstorm's news section.

Bi Updatit on:

Juist a wee heids up, Ah'v chynged the news page a wee bit.

Gif ye guys thoucht the ither wan lookit cooler, Ah coudnae agree mair, it lookit brawsome in my opeenion, an' the fact it wis aw duin bi haund meant Ah coud mak it look onieway Ah wantit tae.

That rose a problem an aw, the fact it wis duin bi haund awsae meant Ah haed tae pit in aw the code 'er agin, na tae mention, Ah hid tae manually pit the update on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It wis a muckle o haird wark for me, especially syne that Ah haed a game tae wark on, sae an' Ah wis pit aff it for a while, as yise coud tell.

Howe'er, uising whit Ah'm uising nou (RSS) means that maist o the postin an' codin is duin for me, Ah'll still uise code nou an' again for stuff like picturs and airting.

Ah howp yise daenae mind the new update, acause it's definitely teuk a muckle o wecht aff o ma shouders, Ah can guarentee that the Gamerstorm Wabsite will be updatit a lot mair nou, which will gie fowk visitin here mair o a reason tae come back, eh?

Ah hiv a development blog comin up suin, stay tuinit for that. Unill than... bye!