A wee hickup haes come up...

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Weil Ah said Ah wad post something wi'in the neist week, an' Ah hiv, but no for a guid reason...

Ah fun out that the PC that Ah'm biggin isnae has pouerfu as Ah jaloused, an' Isnae pouerfu eneuch tae develop the gemme we were gaunae mak wi it. Hounaniver, we're gaunae big a newer PC that WILL be as pouerfu as we wantit. It DAES mean it wad be langer afore we can conteena wi makin Tengist an' Rossies 3D.

In ither news, Ah've been learin the italian an' Japanese leids throu the simmar halidays, an' micht ken eneuch tae be able tae owerset the steid an gemmes intae thae leids.

Wi ma new PCs an aw, Ah will be able tae develop an' (maistly) test Linux saftware. As for Mac, Ah'm no ower siccar, Mac beuks are £1000, an' Ah daenae ken how tae instaw a mac OS ontae a PC.

Ah'm trailin' aff, sairy, but lang story short, Ah'm afeart that it will be e'en langer till Ah can conteena developin gemmes, Ah'm no shuir hou lang, but Ah'll mak a post here whan Ah can again.