Ah'm gaunae hiv tae pit Rossies 3D development on haud for a while...

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Acause o problems an' things happenin in real life, Ah willnae hiv time tae wark on Rossies 3D, tryst me, this is the last thing Ah'd want tae dae... weil, the 2nd last, efter cancelling it, o course, an' Ah wadnae e'er want tae dae that!

Ah'm hivin a series o problems in ma life, sic as upcoming exaims (Whick is ainly mad haurder acause the college Ah gae tae is verra un-guidit, but gif Ah wis tae gae intae ony mair detail, Ah'd be here aw day writin about it!), my drivin lessons/test, an' ma grandmither isnae in the best o conditions the nou.

Hou long wad the development be on haud for Ah'm na ower shuir, but Ah jalouse that it wad maist likely by for 3-4 weeks whan things sort thaimsels out, Ah might wark on the gemme a wee bit durin thae weeks acause Ah daenae want tae totally unmynd about it, but Ah willnae be on it ower maich.

Sae yuise probably willnae sae ony updates frae me this month. Tryst me, Ah really daenae want tae dae this, but Ah believe it's best that Ah dae for nou... juist as weil Ah playit it safe wi the demo's lowse date, eh?

See yuise in a months time...