Annoncin: T3ngist!

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Cause Es replaced bi 3 is cuil as, man!

We hiv decided tae stap development o Tengist GD, am gaun'ae stairt again fae the grund up in Godot 3.0 an design new levels made for this new engine an cristened it "T3ngist", syne it's the 3rd gemme in the series.

Why a new gemme?

Weel, Godot 3.0 haes feature an bug fixes that wad help a muckle wi the gemme's functionin. Hounaiver, awtho thare's a converter for auld projects tae this new engine, it's no made verra guid, an A got intae a lot o problems convertin it, an gied up entirely.

Sae A decided tae juist mak the gemme fae scratch, that wad tak up as much energy an time as convertin Tengist GD.

Whit's this mean for Rossies 3D?

Weel, thon's still in development, an dependin on hou faur We git wi T3ngist. Bi the time A feenish the designin (whit shoud be Augist gin awthing steys on schedule) an actual git tae the gemme, gin T3ngist is duin, We'll be uisin that gemme as a base, gin it's no, We'll be biggin aff o Tengist GD.

Aither wey, We'v got a gemme for Rossies 3D tae big on, sae that's bi nae means cancelt!

The release date for the first version will be 2nd April 2018