Annooncin... Hypnofire 3D for Atari VCS!

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A'm ofeecially annoncin a port o Hypnofire 3D is comin tae the Atari VCS!

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Nou awyese micht be thinkin, "Hou a'yese gaun'ae pit a 3D gemme intae a console that canna e'en haundle texturs?"

Weel... we arena.

We're gaun'ae remake the hale game in 2D!

We've e'en got the player spaceship sprite made awreadies!

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An we'v staritit on the arenae an aw!


It's no much, but we're gaun'ae wirk on giein it mair detail!

This gemme is comin oot in 1st Apryle 2020!