Anooncin: Rossies Classic - a Remake o the oreigional Rossies

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We're gaun'ae parteicipate intae devtober, whaur we hiv tae mak a hale gemm in juist a month.

Sae we teuk this opportunity tae remak the oreigional Rossies gemm. At the least hit will be a 1-1 remake, wi updatit sprites, an gin time is kind tae us, will hiv enhancements an aa!

We'll be postin on Social Media iveryday tae keep yese up tae date on the gemm until hit's release on the 1st November!

We'll be delayin T3ngist until the 15t tae gie the 5 fowk follaein us room tae breathe for this reason.

See yese nixt month!