Chynge o plan wi Rossies 2, new feature, an' leuk, it's snawin!

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A knaw, A knaw, "Ye ayeways chynge something aboot Rossies 2, whan is it actually commin oot?!" Weil, it's na a big chynge, weil, na wi Rossies 2 onieway.

A'm renamin it tae "Rossies Classic", youse micht be thinkin "Why are ye cawin it that? There's na sequel or oniethig", weil, that's wis whit I wantit tae talk aboot.

A'm anoouncin a new gemme, it'll be cawed "Rossies 3D", it will be a First-Person-Shuiter! It'll be mad uisin the "Unity" gemme engine!

"Are youse gaun-ae leave us in the daurk like youse did wi Rossies 2!?", na, A'll try no tae dae that this time aroond, in fact, A've got a pictur o the Kruncanite that is gaun'ae be in the gemme, hiv a leuk!

A haed an ettle at giein it the "retro" leuk, an' the "Toon-Shadin", an' it turnt oot tae be better than A howpt! Whit dae ye guys think?

In ither news, I hiv a new feature tae pit intae Rossies 3D an' Classic, so gin oniebody steals this idea, ye read it here first!

The gemmes will be available in the Scots, Inglis, Spanyie an' Italian leids, houever, ye can add yer ain! If ye hiv a mate who ainly knaws, for example, the Scots gaelic tounge, and wants tae play ane o wir games, ye can pit it intae Gaelic for him/her!

The procedure wilna be hard, houever, A hivana gotten aroond tae addin the feature juist yet, ance A dae, A will mak a video shawin youse hou tae dae it.

Ane last thing, gin ye hiva noticet, it's snawin! Again!

That's aw A hiv for the nou, I howp maist o youse are happy aboot the guid news!