Gamerstorm website will be made available in a new language! Also, Happy Halloween!

Bi Updatit on:

Since we haven't updated our site in a while and that right now, we have nothing worth posting, I'm going to do a side project for the website, I am going to make a Scots version of it! Just because I can, really! The internet needs more website in Scots, anyway! This also means our games will also be available in Scots, badly translated by myself!

Also with every post I'll put on Facebook, I will put a Scots version of the summary underneath the English one, similar to how the Barcelona page put their summaries in Catalan and Spanish!

I am not by any means a fluent speaker, but as a Scotsman, I know quite a bit of it, and since I'm getting a wee bit tired of starting at the Scots Wikipedia and Wikionary websites, I wanted to practice my not-previously-known (limited) ability to speak/write and understand this language. I may also get Steven, a fellow admin, to help out on this project, as he too is Scottish and knows a bit of Scots.

So yeah, we'll see how that goes, and I hope Scots speakers approve once it's done. If anyone know Scots better than us and has suggestion to improve anything, feel free to contact us, we won't bite! Well, I might!

Also, happy Halloween everybody! Unfortunately, I've been too busy with Rossies 2 to celebrate the occasion...