Happy Birthday Gamerstorm!

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On this day, in 2006, Gamerstorm wis born, as a gemmin forum, makin theday it's 8th anniversary... whilk maks me feel auld...

Ah wiss thare wis something tae handsel about, but saw far, Ah hivnae duin maich syne the last post we mad, syne ma PC is still braken! Daenae fash, tho. Suin, Ah'm goin tae big a new, e'en mair pouerfu PC, wi Linux instawed anent Windows!

Wir speirits arenae the heichest the nou an aw. As yuise micht ken, Scotland's unthirldom referendum haes gane bi, an it wis a nae vote syne the auld folk were ower feart thanks tae Westmeinster leein tae thaim. Thon, an' thon the vote micht'v been riggit. Ither wey, it shaws Democracy is juist a blaflum, an daesnae exist.

While my PC wis braken, Ah wis halpin the cause for an ay vote, and wir aurie wis ane o the biggest gif no the biggest ay vote in aw o Scotland, sae Ah jalouse thare's thon tae be proud o.

Oniewey, Ah'm gettin aff topic, lang story short, expect a new post an' things hinderly resumin sometime neist week

Until then, ciao!