Happy Valentines Day! Ah hiv a rouch release idea for the Rossies 3D demo!

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Weil, it's valentines day... and Ah'm still lanely...

Oniewey, juist a swith, fun post, Ah daenae knaw hou, but Ah randomly thouch up codin relatit pick-up lines, whick is kynd o relatit, richt?

Weil, Ah wis thinkin, "Whit gif whan Rossies 3D comes oot, it get fan airt?" Uisually, Ah'd say na, but awthings get fan airt thir days, so wha knaws. In aw sairiousness, Ah'm na expectin oniething, but gif Ah get ony, braw! Gif na, Ah weil.

Oniewey, Ah wis weenin valetines relatit airt, syne it's valentines day, an' Ah wis thinkin aboot Virtua, wha is a cannie at programmin, an' luves tae code Ah'll kythe that maich. Sae ween a geek in a Rossies uniform. Ah wis thinkin, "Whit pick-up lines wad Virtua uise?", Sae Ah though o daein a few pick-up lines relatin tae C#, thir micht be crap, but Ah thoucht Ah'd shaw yuise oniewey. Ready? Here goes"

  • "Wi ye, Ah'm gaun'ae hiv taw chynge ma Short tae a Long!"
  • "Baby, a Long Int wouldnae be big eneuch tae stowe ma luve for ye!"
  • "Ah hiv a Private Void juist for ye! Scroll doun tae see it!"
  • "This.Inlove = true;"

Awricht, here's ma real valentines gife for yuise (Ah luve yes aw, in a nae-gay kynd o wey!), AH hiv a rouch release idea on whan the Rossies 3D demo will be released. Like Ah keep sayin, development is gaun fester than Ah coud o howpit! Houe'er, in case something get in the way, or Ah've duin something wrang, an' Ah hiv tae dae the hail thing again! (The again, it didnae tak long tae get tae whaur Ah am.), Ah'm gaunae play it saut an' say expect a demo tae be oot bi mid-August, soond cuil? Awricht!

Sae awyuise go an' hiv a braw time wi yer valentines, while Ah go intae the corner, curl intae a ba an' grett masel tae sleep... or Ah coud be warkin on Rossies 3D, whitev'er Ah chuise!