Hypnofire 3D pheesical copy nou available!

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We are prood tae annunce that a pheesical copy o Hypnofire 3D is nou available tae purchase! It's gaun for $1.75  (Rouchly £1.35)

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"Why wad A pey for a pheesical gemme that A can dounload for free?" Weel, thare are 2 reasons.

  1. Ye wad be supportin the developers an halpin tae fund future gemmes.
  2. Thare are a bunchy o extrae stuff thrawn in! We've added a bunch of files left ower fae development, oot in the wild for the first time!

Is that eneuch tae purchase it? ... Na? ...Weel, A dinna knaw whit else tae tell ye. A'll be daein this in place o a donate button or a Patreon. A least for nou, this is the ainly wey tae dontate an support us.

A massel hiv aye wantit pheesical copies o ma gemmes made, an nou A'v achieved that, e'en gin ane person buys it, thon's a success for me... acause A peyed naething tae develop the gemme! A'd be makkin a profit awready!

Onywey, for thon interestit, here's an airtin tae the product page.