Life haes juist got a wee bit easier, Gamerstorm videos will nou hiv Scots subtitles!

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Ah hiv diskivert a site cawed Amara whilk is a site whaur ye can pit captions/subtitles intae yer videos, and ye can pit the videos intae ither lieds an aw.

The site itsel is ainly available in the Inglis leid frae whit Ah knaw, juist like about 99% o aw sites on the internet, but recently, they've added the Scots leid tae their list o leids tae pit videos ower tae in captions, cheers tae a member o the Centre o the Scots Leid Facebook Page boggin the team about it!

"Whit guid is that tae us!?" Ah hear yuise ask, weil it wad make watchin wir videos a wee bit easier, nou that we pit thaim aw intae the Scots leid throu subtitles wi Amara!

Houe'er, a problem is that Youtube daesnae hiv their site in Scots, an' ye cannae pit Scots subtitles ontae the videos, luckily, ye can embed videos on Amara intae ither site wi Scots subtitles on thaim, sae that's whit we'll dae!

Ah've ainly pit 1 video intae Scots for a test, it ainly haes 2 lines o dialogue in the entire video, whilk mad it easy tae pit it ower intae Scots for testing, enjoy!

({ "video_url": "", "base_state": {"language": "ja"} })

Ah'll be pittin aw my videos intae aw the leids Ah knaw frae nou on, the nou, that's juist Inglis and Scots, but Ah'm learin Japanese and Italian, an' will eventually ettle an' mynd ma Spainyie an aw.

Gif yuise are wunnerin, Rossies 3D is still gaun'ae be pit intae Scots, we daenae hiv ony plans tae scrap that idea, we daenae want tae, e'en gif the Scots version daesnae sell well, we willnae regret onything, we want tae shaw Scots speaker wir support, we want tae support the leid until the verra end!

E'en gif the game or e'en the Scots owersettin turns out tae be bad, we're howpin that the gemme will pave the wey for mair products tae be pit intae Scots, here's howpin!