Major updates fur T3ngist and Rossies Classic nou oot

Bi Updatit on:

A decided tae git back tae T3ngist an Rossies Classic tae sort oot some bugs fowk hiv been reportin.


T3ngist 1.2 Chyngelog:

  • Pick-ups canna be kickit aroond ony mair
  • Leid chyce in options nou match wi the leid displayin at the stairt
  • Pressin Esc at the level select menu will actual exit it nou
  • Guns dae mair daimige
  • Turnt aff ADS whan neives ir oot
  • Enemies dinna glitch throu the flair in the multi-flet level ony mair

Dounload here

Rossies Classic 1.2 (Mac) Chyngelog:

  • (Howpfu-like) sortit oot a glitch whaur the endlessmode unlock daesna hain at the creedits screen
  • Sortit oot the tickler whaur the creedits screen crashes the gemm
  • Teuk oot Rossies 3D lowsin date
  • Pit in a cheat, can yese find it?

Dounload here


Rossies Classic 1.1 (Saturn) Chyngelog:

  • Pit in muisic an orĂ­ginal idea creedits
  • Nummer o Kruncanites on screen resets nou wi the lave o the gemm

Dounload here