Operation: Pinkeye - Demo v2 nou oot!

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A fnisht a major update tae the Operation: Pinkeye demo! Pittin in a new level an sortin oot a hale wheen o bugs reportit bi players!


  • 3rd level pit in
  • Dooble weildin nou doobles available ammo afore reload
  • New SFX pit in
  • AI glitches sortit oot
  • Cheat system is nou veesible an nae langer time-based
  • Status messages are nou queued
  • Unlock messages nae langer repeat ivery time ye appen an umwhile lockit door
  • Leid select screen pit in
  • Middle Mouse Button naw langer crashes gemm
  • Ye kin nae longer wawk throu sindry doors an props
  • Pistol is nou silenced
  • Med-Kits an Armour pit in
  • Textures impruived
  • Soond is mair balanced
  • Level 2 made much easier


Dounload the demo here!