Region-Free Console Warslin 10th Anniversary video released!

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It's feenished! A juist barely feenished it wi 10 meenut tae gae in the 10th anniversary o Region Free Console Warstlin!

It leuks like tot rubbage, truth be telt, but at least it's something.

For thae that dinnae ken, A stairtit makkin a series on Youtube (and pairtly on Dailymotion an aw), dried Region-Free Console Warstlin (RCW), or Console World Wrestling Entertainment (CWWE) an later on International Console Wrestling (ICW) at the time 10 year aby the day! We chynged the name tae RCW in recent years acause we wantit a unique acronym for the shaw.

A threw thegither this video usiin maistly the exact same techniques A uisied 10 year aby, the ainly thing that haes chynged here is that A uised a 3D ring an arena that A modelled in Blender as the backgrund, whit haes alloued for multiple camera angles.

Back in 2007, the videos war aiblins belaw average, an it haes aged verra bad! Makin the new video in the same style an playin it back,, it leuks awful!

Here yese gae onywey, prepare tae cringe intae the neist dimension:

Regairdless, Happy 10th Birthday, RCW!