Rossies 3D an T3ngist are gaun'ae be delayed

Bi Updatit on:

A'm afraid that A'll hiv tae delay T3ngist an Rossies 3D.

T3ngist juist isna gaun'ae be duin bi the day (aatho A'm gittin closer), sae A'v decided tae chynge the release date tae 1st Dizember, an the 1st episode o Rossies 3D tae 20t Mairch.

It seems that Rossies Classic haes put a spanner in the wirks for baith gemms, but fowk seem tae be injoyin that gemm, sae A wad say hit was wirth hit.

A shoud be able tae git T3ngist feinisht bi the end o the month, tho. Rossies 3D will pruive tae be a challenge acause A'm strugglin tae git an artist an muisic composer.

A'll sodger on, tho, sae see yese on the 1st!