Rossies 3D Development Blog - 03/2/13

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Things are still progressing nicely, the gemme e'en nou haes things yer common AAA gemme daesnae hiv! ...Awricht, they're aw smaw details, but still!

Ah'v duin 2 mair clesses for the gemme... Houe'er, Ah'v discovert a flaw wi aw the clesses Ah'v duin, they daenae hiv ony ees, an' ainly pairt o a gab, an' tae fix thaim aw wan bi wan wad be a nichtmare! Sae Ah'm staritin thaim aw frae scart, it wad save me in the lang rin.

Ah'v awmaist duin Alpha agin, an' Ah hiv tae say, it's leukin braw! The heids leuk mair realistic, an' Ah luve the ees. Ah'v duin Anime ees, they are animatable, but ainly throu the UV, there's a plug-in in Blender that lets ye mak keyframes o the UV, but Ah'm not sure that it warks wi Unity, Ah'll hiv tae wait an' see, dae' we?

Ah'm aboot tae stair on the gab, but Ah'm na shuir gif Ah shoud bather wi the gab.

Whit dae yuise think Ah shoud dae? Shoud Ah mak thaim muive, makin thain leuk like Tony Hawk's Underground, or shoud Ah mak thaim nae muive at aw, like 007 The World is Not Enough for the N64?

Onieway, while yuise chuise, Ah'll let yuise hiv a keek at the new Alpha model, close-up, glesses up, shawin aff the eyes!
Rossies 3D Anime ees

As for the gameplay itsel, Av'v nou mad wee details that arenae usually seen in yer common AAA FPS, If ye leuk doun, ye can nou see yoursel!
Name the last FPS ye've played that haed that! Awricht, Ah can name a wheen o thaim, but generally, ye never get that, hou na? It's na like they're aw complicated tae dae ither, it wis gey easy wi Unity, a free engine, Ah can ainly jalouse it'd be easier wi, say, Source or Unreal, whick costs hundres o thoosands!

Ah'v addit life/graith baurs tae the gemme an aw, Ah ainly mainaged tae gat thaim warkin the day, actually! Ah juist need tae mak some tweaks here an' there, an' they're duin!

Ah'v mad the player crooch an aw, "Whit's sae exitin aboot that?" Ye may be speirin, nae maich, but Ah wis gaun tae mak animations for walkin, but the crooch lookit like the way ye croochit in Goldeneye, whick wis awfu cuil! Ah chuised na tae, an' aw the fowk at the Rossies 3D Facebook page (Aw 3 o thaim!) agreed wi me!

Lastly, Ah've been playin aroond wi the enemy A.I., Ah've made stationary, daverin an' Patrol A.I.! Ah'm shuir (an' howp) Ah daenae need tae tell yuise whit they aw are.

That's aw for the day, Ah howp tae catch yuise neist time!