Rossies 3D haes been cancellit... (Hunt the Gawk day joke)

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Ah hiv some bad news for awbody, ma Rossies 3D gemme went corrupt, an' ma backups somehou deid an aw, sae gif Ah wantit tae conteena Rossies 3D, Ah'd hiv tae stair frae scratch, an' it teuk me months tae get tae whaur Ah wis!

Ah wis hivin problems afore that oniewey, Ah haed nae idea whit tae dae wae muisic, Ah haed nae tuils or instruments tae mak muisic wi, an' e'en gif Ah did, Ah'd hiv nae idea whaur tae stairt, Ah hiv nae experience wi writing muisic at aw!

Sae Ah jalouse this is the end o the line, then... Ah'm sae sad Ah'm hivin tae dae this, but Ah'v been left wi nae chyce... Rossies 3D haes been offeecially cancellit...

Happy Hunt the Gawk day awbody!