Rossies 3D will hiv a Beta comin suin

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Maist o the major codin for Rossies 3D is duin, at least for the gemmeplay, aw Ah wad need tae dae nou, is tae model the level, draig aw the objects intae thaim, an' Ah'm duin!

The problem is, tho, is that Ah'm worried that nawbody wad like it, Ah want tae hear somebody ense's opeenion. Ah've been wi the gemme syne the stait o development, an' Ah daenae trust ma ain opeenions. Tae me, the gemme micht look solit, and fun tae play, but tae ithers, it micht be brak, and unbraw.

That is why Ah want tae hoast a beta for the gemme, Ah want tae hear whit wrang wi ma gemme, diskiver fauts Ah owerllookit. It wad be haurd for me tae tak, it micht e'en be dreichin, but it's for the best, richt?

Gif ye're subscribed tae the Gamerstorm newsletter (whick is free), Ah will haund oot dounload airtins tae for the beta tae awbody subscribed ance it's duin. That is, o coorse, gif oniebody wants tae participate. Gif Ah knaw ye in real life, Gin ye like, Ah will send ye a dounload airitin tae ye.

The beta will be for aw formats, Ah cuitle (Ah howp that's the richt ward) Mac uisers, as that's the ainly format Ah cannae test on. Ither OS uisers will be walcome an aw, o course!

That's it for nou, Ah howp tae catch yuise neist time, howpfully whan the Beta comes oot.