Rossies Classic 1.5.1 Oot Nou!

Bi Updatit on:

Rossies Classic Update 1.5.1 is nou oot!

We lent a lug tae aa yer criticisms an bug reports, an ironed maist o'aim oot!


Version 1.5.1

  • Emperor Yunki boss nou wirks the wey he shoud be
  • Sortit oot glitch whaur backgrund Kruncanite appear durin the boss

Version 1.5

  • Sortit oot colleision problem wi Kruncanites
  • Ye can nou shuit multiple Kruncanites at the ane time.
  • Unpauin wi Esc nou wirks properly
  • Emperor Yunki is a wee bit haurder tae beat
  • Objective indicators appear at the stairt o the gemm, an afore the boss
  • Kruncanite spawns are nou mair spacit oot
  • Endless mode haes been pit in
  • Player nou lawers gun whan beat Emperor Yunki
  • Pit in splash screen


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Gemmplay video

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