Rossies Classic is oot nou!

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A'v duin hit! A feinisht Rossies Classic in juist a month for devtober!

The gemm is maistlins the same as the oreigional yin, wi some impruivements sic as new animations, muisic an higher res. We postit daily on oor Twitter documentin the progress o the gemm.

It's been quite a jurney, an hit's taucht is wan thing: A'm nae guid at daein this on ma ain. The gemm's playable, an some fowk, e'en injoy it, but hit daesna leuk appealin at aa.

A'm defo needin tae pit thegither a team tae mak Rossies 3D ony guid. A'm needin tae think aboot hou A'm gaun'ae dae that.

Onywey, here's some screenshots o the gemm.

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Download here