T3ngist Release

Bi Updatit on:

New version o T3ngist is here! Nou we're gittin somewhaur!


  • Pit in Soond FX
  • Pit in Level 1
  • Pit in Level 2
  • Noo no aa wapons are available fae the stairt, some are nídin tae be unlockit tae be uised.
  • Pit in a Pistol Pick-Up
  • Pit in menu animations
  • Pit in slappers
  • Sortit oot the problem whaur the gemm crashes whan the AI tries tae hit ye whan ye'r díin
  • AI nou gaes back tae normal duty whan aa o it's targits are killt.
  • Wapons nou hiv different ranges


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Douoload nou!