T3ngist 0.9 Oot nou!

Bi Updatit on:

The penultimate version o T3ngist is here!


  • AI nou strafe oot the wey gin anither is in front
  • Pit in Levels 7 an 8
  • Added patrollin an Wunnerin AI
  • Wapens nou hiv different ranges
  • Added escortin Ai
  • Added in seicontarie objectives
  • A message will pap up whan the player fails a mission
  • Ye can nou shuit or slapper an enemy up close
  • Enemies nae langer faa throu the grund whan deid
  • Objectives ¬†an Halth/Armour can nou be seen in the pause menu
  • AI is nou weaker an the guns stranger
  • Ye canna jimp as heich ony mair
  • Chairter muive a bittie slawer in thair default state
  • ADS nou zooms in


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