T3ngist 1.0 oot nou!

Bi Updatit on:

Finally! Efter so many delays, A finally feinisht T3ngist! Here is 1.0!


  • Pit in levels 9 an 10
  • Pit in Bonus Level
  • Pit in Options menu
  • Pit in Level Select Menu
  • Pit in Key Config Menu
  • Options are haint in a .cfg file
  • Gemm progress is haint in .bin file in the user directory
  • Gemm is nou available in Scots, Inglis an Italian.
  • AI nou staps tae leuk aroond
  • Crosshair chynges colour gin pyntin at something
  • Armour pick-up is nou daurk-blue
  • Keycairds an doors needin thaim hiv been pit in,
    an a HUD that shaws whitr yins ye'v got
  • Shotgun an Machinies nou hiv tae be pickit up
  • Loadin Screens hiv been pit in
  • Wapens ye hiv are haint in the .bin file
  • Pit in trees
  • Pit in Gamerstorm logo


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Dounload nou!