T3ngist version 0.2 oot nou

Bi Updatit on:

T3ngist 0.2 is nou oot!


  • Mair Ai in the gemme
  • Ammo/Reserve Coonter
  • Sprentin can ainly happen nou gin the player is gaun forrit.
  • Gin the AI's targit dees, hit will return tae the previous targit, gin thare is ane, an than returns tae hit's ordinar duties.
  • Nou ye can shuit faurer
  • Problem wi no bein able tae gae tae ADS mode is sortit
  • AI spazzes oot less
  • Sortit oot problem wi the AI rinnin ower swift
  • The FPS body ablow nou rins, crooches, sprents, jimps an sidesteps
  • Pause menu pit in
  • Halth baur pit in
  • Nou ye can melee wi wapons

Dounload nou!