Tengist GD Oot nou!

Bi Updatit on:

The final release o Tengist GD is nou available! Nou playable in Scots, Scots Gaelic an Focurc!

Ony suggestions an bug reports fae this pynt on will be implementit in Rossies 3D and Camerageddon.


  • Levels 8-10 added
  • Ye ca nou pass throu deed enemies
  • Enemies nou drap aff ammo, armour or halth
  • Scots, Scots Gaelic, Focurc, Italian an Pirate owersettins added

    • Leed selection screen nou appears afore the main menu
  • The menus hiv been restylised

    • Added graphics an soond options which load an hain
    • Confirmation menus nou appear whan the uiser quits or retours tae the main menu
  • Status Messages added

    • Levels nou hive introductions tellin the uiser whit level thay're on
    • Messages tellin the player gin thay need keycairds tae aapen doors nou added
    • Messages tellin the player whit thay picked up hiv been added
  • Level 5 is heivily modified tae reduce slaw-douns
  • Doors nae longer shut doun on players unner it
  • Keycairds hiv been remuived frae level 7
  • FPS gun/arms nae langer gae throu waws or objects.
  • Ye can nou load an hain yer progress.

    • Ye can delete yer save an aw. (Shift+Del at "Load Saved Game")
  • Game modified tae ainly render whit is in the current room(s)


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