Tengist GD 2.2 Oot Nou!

Bi Updatit on:

The first update o 2018 is oot nou, an wi some major chynges!


  • The gemme is nou available in Dutch, Krio an Sranan Tongo an aw.
  • Pause menu title nou pits itsel ower intae different leeds
  • The gemme can nou switch guns bi skippin the unavailable yins.
  • Whan the player picks up a gun an it's better nor the last yin, it nou switches tae that gun automatic-like.
  • Impruived animations
  • Mair resolution options
  • Confeeguration menus impruived
  • Menus are nou mair moose freendly
  • Mair options:

    • Keyboard commands for leukin an turnin are nou added tae the control menu
    • Users can nou set mouse sensitivity.
    • Difficulty options are nou added
    • Ye can nou mute Music an Sound FX bi pressing select on'aim.
  • Slappers are nou in the gemme!
  • Enemies can nou shuit while rinnin - Watch out for that!


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