Tengist GD, Camerageddon an Rossies 3D (re-)anooncit!

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A'm annoncin 3 gemmes tae come oot sometime neist year! Tengist GD, Camerageddon an Rossies 3D!

"Haud on, ye're no sairiously thinking that ye can mak 3 gemmes at a time, are ye?", Weel, ay, an na, these 3 gemmes are gaunae be FPS gemmes, aw usin the same engine (Godot) an mechanics.

"Is that no greedy tae be daein that?" Wi the exception o pairt o Camerageddon, aw gemmes will be free! Oor situation wi Rossies 3D forbids us fae chairgin for it.

Camerageddon is the ainly gemme A can mak something fae, an e'en than, A'm gaun'ae gie oot the first episode (o 3 or 4) for free!

Wi Rossies 3D, we're gaun'ae focus on ane chairacter at a time, an release their stories induvidually, the game will hiv 5 classes, ilka wi thair own Point O View o the gemme's story.

Details aboot ilka gemme:

Tengist GD: Tengist GD is the same deal as the oreegional Tengist, it's tae test the mechanics o the ither gemmes, but this time, it's o course bein made in Godot. (Hence, the "GD" in the name.)

Camerageddon: Camerageddon shall follae the story o Johnny Phais, in his quest tae git the best shot o celebrities for Club Sidestep magazine, whit he wirks for. The game will uise cameras insteid o guns tae knock oot players an NPCs, uisin flah insteid o bullets. We will o course mak siccar tae mak the gemme as epilepsie-freendly as possible.

Rossies 3D: Rossies 3D taks place in a fictional ceety in Scotland, whaur Rossi comrades are oot tae investigate extra terestrial acteevity an eliminate it at aw costs!