We're gaunae mak big chynges tae wir main wabsteid (an a cynge o hou we dae things!)

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As the title says, A'm makin some big chynges, or howp tae be makin, tae wir main wabsteid, whit thay are, A cannae tell ye, A dinnae kan masel, but A want tae mak some cynges tae tae it, sae it's gaun'ae happen!

The biggest chynge A howp tae mak, is tae muive frae English tae Scots as maprimary leid o the site an for wir gemmes! A hae ma reasons for daein this, bear wi us.

The Scots leid is in mair danger nor iver afore, an whit A mean is, less an less fowk are speakin it, an younger fowk are e'en losin thair Scots tuins!

A hae ayeweys supportit Scots syne A'v heard o it, but as a saicont leid, an efter realisin that listenin tae ma Scots byleid (central west/glesga), it felt mair native tae me nor Inglis iver daed! A'm nou crying Scots as ma mither tung.

We jaloused that mony fowk arenae gaun'ae bather wi Scots gin Inglis is mair supportit, sae A'm ettlin tae mak Scots the main leid, an see gin that chynges things. Ma logic here comes fae the fact that fowk like watchin anime in Japanese, no juist acause it's uncensorit, but acause it's the oreegonal, it's no been tampered wi, we're ettlin something seemlar here.

As weil as aw o that, pittin Scots as wir main leid wad shaw faurer wir Scots-ness (is thare e'en a wird for that?), e'en tho Scots is spak in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, an we've recently fund oot, Canadae an aw, it's maistly spak in Scotland, despite the leid stairtin tae dee here, an A'm gaun'ae mak siccar that daesnae dee aff, A think the Scots leid is much better nor Inglis!

Whit dae this mean for the Inglis steid? Weel, ma freend, Steven is takin ower that, whaniver A dinnae hae the time tae owerset tae Inglis, he'll tak care o it, assumin he haes the time!

Sae that's aw A hiv for nou, A'll see yuise in anither lang period o time!

...or Rather, whan A'm duin wi the gemmes A'm makin!