We've releasit a new gemme, but na the yin ye were expectin...

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We've pit out a new gemme, but it isnae Rossies 3D. Ah hivnae been postin on the Scots Gamerstorm, an' Ah'm awfu sairy for that!

It's cawed "Tengist" (Pronouncit "Ten-juist"), it's seimlar tae Rossies 3D, an' bi that, Ah mean it's naethin like it! Weil, it's got nane o the graphics, nae story, naethin', except for the gemmeploy, Tengist is mad tae test the gemmeploy mechanics o Rossies 3D, an' mebbe mair gemmes in the futur, wha knaws!

Sae faur, it's ainly got wan level, nae muisic, an the unfreinds hivnae got guns, an can ainly attack whan they're close tae ye, but mair stuff will be pit in as time gaes bi.

Here's a dounload airtin tae the gemme, gif ony a yuise want tae ploy it, the page is in Inglis, gif ye daenae ken Inglis, juist click a big pink button sayin "Download Now" (Dounload nou), an' the dounload shoud stairt, enjoy!

Ah will keep aw o yuise postit whane'er a new build or release comes out.

For nou, here are some screenshots taen fae the gemme:
Tengist Screenshots
Tengist Screenshots
Tengist Screenshots